Drug Free Leadership Council

As a subcommittee of the Coalition, the DFLC seeks to address prevention of substance use and promotes positive life choices by using evidenced-based strategies. Youth involved in the DFLC represent each of the five school districts in Defiance County. 

What is youth-led prevention?

  • Youth hearing directly from their peers about how to handle issues; 

  • Youth are given a voice planning, decision-making, implementation, evaluation, and recognition process.

Youth are involved in the entire process!

Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network

The DFLC is part of the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network. Youth from all over the state are addressing mental health and substance use. Check out the video to the left to learn more!

Positive Social Norming Messages

Using Defiance County Community Health Assessment data, the DFLC create positive social norming messages for their peers. Social norming is critical in prevention because it debunks the myth that "everybody is doing it."